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Eric Rose Sr.

CEO of A+ Security Solutions LLC. Eric served in the United States Army as a Sergeant and served in Operation Desert Storm “Gulf War.” After leaving the military, Eric spent twenty (20) years as a Correctional Officer. Eric began a career in the private security industry and is a Private Investigator. Eric has an extensive background in the field of security and management with over thirty (30) years of experience.

Elraine Burnett-Rose

Co CEO A+ Plus Security Solutions LLC. Elraine spent eight (8) years as a Correctional Officer for the State of Maryland and nineteen (19) years with the TSA under the Department of Homeland as an Inspector. Additionally, Elraine has a career in the private security industry and is a Private Investigator. Elraine has an extensive background in the field of security, management and investigations with over twenty-eight (28) years of experience.

Shanon Wright

Shanon Wright is a former correctional officer for the state of Maryland. After retiring from her 20 year career there, she continued providing security in both the private and government sectors as an armed and unarmed security officer. She currently has over 28 years of experience in the security field.

Get Ready 

What our customers are saying


Hand Gun Qualifications Course

"I completed the HQL training and let me tell you... Mrs. Elraine and Mr. Eric are amazing instructors! They were thorough, patient, and answered all of our questions! After taking their class, I feel way more confident and comfortable with hand guns! I cannot wait to take their other courses! Highly recommend"!



Hand Gun Qualifications Course

"Professional, knowledgeable, and skilled, A+ Security Solutions helped me really understand what it means to be a gun owner in Maryland. From explaining the laws, to breaking down unfamiliar terminology, to drills and practice, their training gave me the information I needed to walk with confidence into the range later in the day, even helping me improve my aim and stance! Their course really covers it all, was entertaining, and on top of all of that, its Black Owned!  I would strongly recommend A+ to anyone who, like me, was looking for an introduction into handguns and gun ownership. I will be signing up for the advanced courses as well". 

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